moi & toi

The Moi & Toi studio is always full of creative energy, music and positive vibes. We strive to create an environment that welcomes inspiration and fun. We paint, embroider, listen to music, and seek to create art that inspires. Not everyone can afford a piece of original art so we invested in a state of the art direct to garment printer, and make our art available on high quality t-shirts. We print shirts, one by one, here in our studio. It’s a dream for our family to work and create together in our Moi & Toi studio. 

The idea of starting an art inspired t-shirt company has floated around in my mind for literally 25 years. I love art and I love t-shirts. I do art every day and I wear t-shirts most every day, so to combine the two is a natural for me. I’m finally playing out my dream of supplying the most basic staple of our wardrobes adorned with not only art that I create, but the art of my creative friends and family, hence the name, Moi & Toi. Shirts for me and you, created by me and you. I am obsessed with all things French, so Moi & Toi it became!
— Val Boyes
“I love the texture and dimension that my art offers. Embroidery is sometimes considered a dated art form, but I am finding fresh, creative ways to introduce a new era of embroidery art. Printing my embroideries on t-shirts makes if possible for anyone to own and wear one of my embroideries.
— Walker Boyes